Tuesday, 24 May 2011

remaining props

Hey. I was able to find the majority of the props i was asked to look for so ive got:
- Red Apples (x8)
- Table Cloth
- Candles (I'll make them look used tomorrow and distress one for gregors room)(x6)
- Flowers (will look more dead by thursday)
- Loaf of uncut bread

I'll have some ham by tomorrow.
I couldnt find picture hooks at bluewater but i've actually got quite a few at home so I should be able to bring them in too.
I couldnt find a fire place set though and im not sure where one would buy one :/


I found these and thought they might be useful. :)

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Blog

So now we have been told we have to print off our blog instead of putting on a disc! thats going to be a nightmare considering how many pages we have all done! do we still have to include the review in the blog then or can we print it out seperately?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Does anyone know how many words we have to do for these film reviews? just on the brief it ses 500 words but then on another part of the brief it ses 1200 words ?

blog pdf

im not sure if we have to include the group blog or not with our disk as on the brief it just says we need our personal blogs. i can make everybody an admin on here but fifteen admins seems a little awkward so ive made a pdf of the blog and if anyone wants it just talk, text, post comment, email or facebook me and ill send it to you. :)

(I would make it a linked file on here but i cant figure out how to do that on blogger, soz)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


It was good to come in today to see that people had already started putting the wallpaper up in the living room! the wallpaper was great and works really well in the living room.we worked on it most of the day to get the whole room done and we finally managed it.In gregors room the room was painted but lumps were left to make it look dirty and old. Wood dust was put on to it to give it more texture and it started to look really good! wallpaper will be put on top and parts will be ripped to reveal this textured surface underneath. Certain areas of the wallpaper in the living room will be ripped and torn to give the look that it has been there for a long time. We have 2 weeks left to complete the set and the props and i think we will manage it. It was also decided that we wouldnt be moving the set to maidstone so the photos will be taken at the uni. I cant wait to see the finished set and see all our hardwork come together. :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is gooddddd!

The sofa frame is now complete. Just got a few decorative bits to make which should take an hour tomorrow! Then it can be upholstered. I have some polyester fabric coming from my mum which will make it look really well finished. It should be here tomorrow or wednesday!.

Here are a couple of pictures of the sofa so far.

 Tell me what you think so far guys! I'm pretty proud of myself, for what I have achieved so far. I sat on it (on the edge) and it takes my weight fine, it's really strong. Tomorrow I will add some decorative ply to the outside then start upholstering it. It's taking shape guys, i'm working really fast to get it done so i can help else where and get this set built!.

Sorry.I wont be in today. 9/5/2011

Sorry guys but i wont be in today as i got called in to work last minute which has really annoyed me! keep me updated of what you do today and any photos that are taken stick them on the blog :) hope you all have a good day! see you tomorrow!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Photo frames

I am very happy with the completed frame with the photo in! I bought a black frame and spray painted it gold. I also found the image of the women on the internet.it was very difficult trying to find the right image but i think the one i found fits perfectly! the picture of gregor in the army is an old picture of my grandad in the army and it fits in very well with the frame. I will sand the frame and maybe staining the wood so it fits in with the wood on my coffee table. Im very happy with the outcomes :) i shall be bringing in all items that i have made, and purchased in to uni tomorrow.

Hey, heres the plates ect i found on ebay, not sure what exactully we need? they are Czechoslovakian but the only thing is I dont know what date they are from, I did email the people seling them but they are unsure of the date.