Thursday, 5 May 2011

todays efforts

We were able to finish the walls for Gregor's room today as well as put up the double door frame. the window header in gregors room is up but still a little odd so we're gonna sort it in the morning. hoping we get the 3x8 tomorrow and we'll be able to finish the final wall of the set :)
Would b nice if a few more people could come in though to help out?

Here's some pics from the last few days (sorry if some of them are the wrong way round, having trouble rotating them on here for some reason):

Hey Guys

Hey guy's hope everyone is well! I started the sofa today and asked everyone who was present about the way it should be made and decided to choose a decorative back. I'll show you some picture's once I upload them tomorrow! :) the set's looking awesome, and today was a great productive day. Bring on tomorrow!
Right, I've got the wallpaper for both rooms now. The ones I orginally went for in reality were to shiny and came off to modern, but I'm pleased with the ones I got. Hope you are to! X