Friday, 8 April 2011

Building day 3

So today was day three of building, we have now made all the frames for the flats in the livingroom and just need the bedroom ones to be finished and to put on the skins for all the frames. there was only one small problem and that is that we actualy have to many 4x8 but its fine these can be taken apart and the wood used for something else no biggie.
Unfortunately only 7 people turned up today for the build, and there were only 6 of us working at one time, even though you were all messaged about it, I realize that some people have jobs and other important reasons why they were unable to come and thats fine but there were a few that didn't even bother to let us know they weren't coming. The problem with so many people not showing up is it slows the whole process down, realistically we should of had the flats completed for the living room with skins and all. I'm sorry if this message makes you angry and I sound like I'm having a go but the fact is this is slowing us down its really important you show up for group work. I also want to inform you that Ive been advised by the tutors to start a register for the meetings and for the building, this will then be handed in with everything so they can see who's been attending in non lesson time. This isn't just a rant about not helping but not showing up too often will effect you as well you guys do such great work.
On Monday we start at 10am so I hope to see you there, I'm sorry again that I sound like I'm moaning. I try not to honest.

Attended by
Sarah Longbottom
Jessica fitzgerald

an apology

Im sorry i havent been with it this week but I have been trying to sort out storage for all my stuff at halls. On top of that havent been well and had to sort that out too. I know its no excuse but i will be back on track monday to help out with the set construction. I can assure you its not through laziness as i need to know how to build it as much as you do but this hasnt been a great week for me and its unfortunately spilt over into my uni life.
On a more positive note my autocad is finished- i have only done one of the chairs as i struggled with it. I intend to make one from scratch (it wont be sit-on-able) and hopefully buy one and alter it. I will start making after easter as my nan has one of the chairs and im going to have a good look at it at easter so i know how to get it looking the best i can. I am looking for a rocking chair- anyone know where i can look for one? Cheap junk shops? I might go today and see if i can find anything if i have time.

If anyone wants to look at my blog i went to the V&A and took some pictures of art nouveau furniture there- it might be useful. There was a nice fire screen and a really nice chair. Also a plate and vases which could be made by us to look similar?