Sunday, 3 April 2011


I took some images from my house which may not be a 1915 Czechoslovakia house but it is partly made of wood and we do have some damage on the beams so I thought this could be of use, also I have a very old table and chairs set and the bricks on the back of the fireplace are discolored from all the years its been in use, this could be of use for realism. I don't know have a look and let me know what you think.

Meeting 31/3/11

I apologies for the notes being put up late, but these are the notes from the tutorial and from the meeting after.

Tutorial (things flagged up and discussions had)

  • The room is too crowded
  • What needs to be in the set??
  • It wouldn't have been high class furnishings but slightly older and probably used because they were middle class.
  • The cramped room doesn't work for the movement of the bug in the storry
  • move the door into the hall way from living room?
  • Displace the furniture in the bedroom
  • Does it actually all work together.
  • What will the final images actually look like
  • More subtle hints of a bug then too visual references?
  • Look more at the reference to horror.
  • What would a bug leave that a human wouldn't.
  • How would a horror movie do it?
  • The horror should come from suggestion instead of what is obvious.
  • Suggest that there is something there that you cant see
  • Use of shadow within the room, is this effected by the slime on the window
  • the lump in the floor lifted up the bed slightly twisting it in the image.
  • what filters could be used to effect mood of room.
  • what time in the day is it? do they need to use lights because its dark?
  • what color do gas lights give off?
  • How does the gas effect surrounding area.
  • Room can be extended to 16ft
  • What activities are they doing and how does this effect position of the chairs in the living room?
  • Don't forget this is two worlds in one space
  • Make furniture shabby, town down hight of art nouveau
  • Living room so clean it is becoming worn, reflection of the family trying to remove any of the bug.
  • How would the room be set up?
  • What things would they of had in the room, candles, flowers, plates, are the flowers wilting because of Gregor
  • One of the bed legs nored
  • chewed up furniture
  • what condition are the carpets in
  • bend the legs of window chair as if the bugs weight is breaking them slightly.
  • What does and doesn't need to be there.

Meeting - After the tutorial we had a meeting to talk about what had been talked about and to make decisions from there.

  • The living room will now be W12ft L14ft Bedroom will be 12Ft wide at the end with the double doors.
  • Living room will definitely now be designed so it appears too clean.
  • The bed is no longer four post but will have short posts at the end
  • We need to think about what slime will be used.
  • The bedroom needs to have chaotic clutter
  • Need to think about his hiding places
  • Need to think about positioning of furniture
  • The double doors will open into living room
  • Living room very straight laced against the horror that is Gregor's room
  • Bedroom given green wash by dirt growing on the window
  • Do drastically different design for the furniture to see if it works better?

I realize that this post went up late but I just need to remind you that we all agreed to do a sketch of how we think the rooms should look (if you only had the time to do one thats fine) so please bring them in for the meeting which is at 11am in the set room. I'm sorry that this went up late but as most of us were at the meeting I hope you still remember what we agreed on Thursday regards to the meeting and the sketch. See you all Monday at 11 in the set room, its really important that we are all there, cannot stress that enough.

Attended by
Jessica FitzGerald
Emily White
Adam Boxall
Stuart Lennon
Sarah Longbottom
Jo Ray
John Arch
Eleanor Lewry
Sarah Wackett
Hannah Dersley
Emma Cross
Karen Black
Ben Kemsley

these images I got from a book which is full of Kafkas memoires and these and sketches which he did on metamorphsis. Just thought they were quite interresting, and there is his own sofa DESIGN! x


whens the next meeting guys?!