Wednesday, 16 March 2011

writing colour

This turquoise coloured writing is really annoying I can hardly read what its es because of the back ground its on, isnt there anyway we can change the colour?

Interesting idea?

Gregors room on top
Living room at the bottom

Juxtaposition, in gregors room the first wall is actually the floor and the ceiling is the wall with the window on so all furniture will be on its side.
Th living room is downstairs as though the family are looking up towards gregor.
Cracks in the walls, peeling wallpaer and a hole in the floor that has been made by gregor, the bug to try and get out instead of having a door
The door in the living room shows the hospital on the outside which is symbolic for help being so near yet so far away for gregor.
tables, chairs, decorated in victorian style

what do you think? i thought it went quite well with the idea of expressionsim.

Interesting point

I was just scanning the story again to see if there was anything important I had missed and I saw this:

'His father clenched his fist with a hostile expression, as if he wished to push Gregor back into his room, then looked uncertainly around the living room, covered his eyes with his hands, and cried so that his mighty breast shook. '

So I'm thinking that the living room and Gregor's bedroom are only seperated by a door I don't think there is a hallway.


This Thursday is going to be a busy one for you all: Theory followed by the showing of your films; then after that presentations for your room-set ideas. This will be at 3.30pm in the costume room for group 1 and 4.00pm for group 2. Presentations can be through Powerpoint or mood-boards (keep to a maximum of 5 boards). These boards/slides must give your tutors a clear idea of what the design will look like, the influences, style and how you intend to invoke the element of terror. This isn't an exhaustive list by any means and it will be for you to 'wow' us with your presentation. Be thororugh and very clear as to what the set will be - any delay in us approving the design will result in delays to the next phase of the project.

This is what has been put up on UCA, I don't know if any of you have seen this or even gonna look at the blog toinight but i think we needed to sort our presentation out as I think we must have a powerpoint or bards to shpw, so what we gonna do guys its tomorrow!


This is an image i found on google of one of the many versions that Kafkas book has been portrayed. The bug is hanging from the ceiling in a very plain room with dirty walls.

Gregor Samsas Nightmare

I found this video on a website that contained information about Frank Kafka and displayed his book The Metamorphosis. I found it quite weird and disturbing as it showed him changing into a bug. I thought it would be quite beneficial for the rest of the group to watch it.

Idea for living room?

I did a quick sketch of an idea for the living room. I incorporated some of the ideas that we discussed on monday.It can obviously be adapted but i hope the group like the basis of the idea?

  • pressure point underneath the floorboards that triggers squirming underneath the floor like bugs are crawling.
  • spider hole in the wall that takes you into the next room, not an actual door
  • idea of attic and living room perhaps?
  • weird paintings in gilded frames
  • spider eyes appearing from cracks and holes in the walls
  • spider webs
  • spider legs coming through the wall that can be controlled so they move

Wish i could make the meeting today but i've got an assessment at maidstone UCA this afternoon. Fill me in tomorrow ill be in uni.