Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Design Number 1 (Writing Desk)

This is my first design for a writing desk there will be more on the way but gotta draw them first. Hope you like it.
Im finding it very hard to find any four poster Art nouveau beds!! None are four poster , Does it matter if it's not art nouveau? Can it just be a similar style?


I drew up the designs for the coffee table and the 2 photo frames. One frame is gilded so will be alot more fancy, where as the other is just a normal picture frame but will be quite old, worn and distressed as though it has been there for quite a long time. I look forward to achieving the desired effect.

Gilded frame for image of the lady in a fur hat

European Gilded Oval Frame, 1860'sI came across this image of a gilded photo frame that would work really well as the frame for the women in a fur hat! i thought i could fine a frame similar to this but distress in some way so it looked like it had been hanging on the wall for a long time.


Art nouveau Coffee tables

I have started to look in to different 19th century style coffee tables and seeing that everyone else has gone with the art noveau style im quite glad as that is what i have been thinking off. I found this coffee table on a website, i really like the detail on the legs and i think its looks very art noveau with the glass tops.

3d model of coffee table art nouveau - Art Nouveau coffee table by Flying Girl

Dining Table

Hey guys. I quite like the art nouveau idea. it fits and we can distress anything that looks too new if we source any of this furnature.

I'm working on the dining room table. so i have started doing some research into dining tables that use art nouveau and I found a really nice one that with a bit of distressing could easily fit the scene.


I also found a page that has a number of decent tables that could work based on Art Nouveau dining tables which i intend to look into further for designing:

Sofa Design One

Hey Guys,

I'm pretty motivated by the decision to build a sofa, so I sketched out a quick design of one I found on the Internet.

Let me know what you think, I'm about to design another one as I type this. The furniture look's to be very Art Nuveau, which has lot's of character.

The scale of the Sofa will be about 5ft wide, a simple two seater sofa and about 4ft high from the highest point. I don't have a tape measure to hand so the scale may be some what surreal, I will get my tape measure tomorrow and decide on the specific size of the sofa.

I'm contemplating whether or not to make the sofa look distressed, because Gregor has trouble moving around in his room, and when he hide's under the Sofa he may rip it and it may become worn over time.

art nouveaux armchairs

am thinking of desgining two slightly different ones, one for the father- which he slept in and the mother- which she sewed in- perhaps even embroidered a cushion for? any thoughts?

thought of something like this for the father- comfortable yet, stiff wooden frame.

http://www.antiquesatlas.com/- this is a great site for period furniture photographs to reference from

Art Styles (early 1900's)

Hey guys,

I've just been researching styles from the early 1900's and looks like 'Art Nouveau' and 'Expressionism' are the most popular world wide styles used around that time so if we stick with these styles when we are designing, our designs should work well when we bring everything together.

Art Noueau 1890 - 1914
Expressionism 1905 - 1930

Meeting 22/3/11 IMPORTANT

Hi guys, so today we had a meeting about giving out of the items for designing, everyone has at least one thing to design. We only have 1 and a half days to get them done (sorry this is so short but we start build next week so we don't really have much space to do this in)
The list goes like this:

Arm Chairs (there are two but they'll probably be identical) = Laura
Dinner Table = Eleanor
Fireplace = Emily
Windows (just this room) = Karen
Walls = Katerina
Chairs for dinning table = Hannah
Coffe Table = Sarah W
Gass Lights (wall Brackets) = Jesca W
Picture frames = Sarah W

Walls (wallpaper) = John
Carpet (both rooms) = Ben
Sofa = Adam
Bed = Emma
Writing Desk = Sarah L
Chair under window = Jess F
Window (and the curtains) = Jo
Doors = Stuart

So this is the list, if there is anyone who you think may not go on to the blog and therefore not see it please let them know what they need to do for thursday. If there is anything you are not happy with or you feel we have left out leave a comment, if your not happy with what you have been given Im sorry but we did the best we could.

THURSDAY, 12, DOWNSTAIRS IN THE BAR!!!!! bring designs and any relevant research.

See you thursday.

At the meeting:
Karen Black
Adam Boxall
Emily White
Sarah Logbottom
Katerina Kirozi
Hannah Dersley
Emma Cross
Eleanor Lewry
Jo Ray
Sarah Wackett
Jessica FitzGerald



this is the kind of colouring i was talking about earlier.

apartment plans


found this quite interesting in terms of how the rooms are joined


This image caught my eye whilst i was searching for inspiration.

The picture is by a victorian european illustrator for childrens books. I think the colours incorporate both the warm and cool (see previous post)and i could see this hanging in the living room. It is a nice nod to the parents perhaps a love of art and collectors items and also a kind of irony with the beetle in the picture.
I think it could really add to the room


im liking the ideas and the shape of the room. Can you post the next meeting in plenty of time because i missed the last one because when i looked at the blog it wasnt there. Is there a meeting tomorrow? Ill look out for it and have Jess's number so she can let me know.

I think sarahs right about colours and textures

I also think maybe the bedroom should be quite bare- as in later on in his transformation. I say this because we will have a limited budget and the idea of having quite a cluttered look in the living room will not be cheap! I have done some mood boards for colour ideas and really like the idea of green in the bedroom and a complimentary colour in the living room eg reds pinks, cream oranges etc. as this is a nice METAPHOR for the relationship between parents and son.- what does everyone think?
Hopefully see everyone tomorrow or thursday for a meeting.
cheers then Lx