Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I bought a glass bowl that i will put on top of the coffee table with fruit or something in it.I also have a glass vase that i think would look really nice in the living room. I have purcahsed the 2 picture frames.One is black that i will spray paint gold for the gilded frame in gregors room and i have plain picture frame with an image of my grandad in the army to represent gregor to put in the living room. I have also found 2 images of a image of a lady in fur hat with a fur boa and fur muff to put in the frame. Hope these are okay with everyone.


Hi Guys
Hope everyone had a good day and finished their essays, This note is kind of saying the same things Sarah has already said but I need you to know a few more things. As we only have 2 weeks left to build make and decorate its really important that your in and I know that some people have jobs but apart from that you all need to come in, the more people we have in the faster we get this finished, don't mean to be a pain but it would be really sad if it didn't get done by the 20th because we hadn't had enough of us in.
Also tomorrow I will be assigning everyone a job to do like wall paper or building something. I need to know what props are being bought and which are being made so people don't do a job that doesn't need doing. if you aren't coming in tomorrow please let me know.
please read this and let me know if your building or buying.

The room measurements are

A = 2@ 4' b : 6' high
B = 1'6", 2'6", 2@4" all different heights
C = 2' , header 2'6" , 3'6" , 2@4' 8' high
D = 2' , 2@3', Header and footers 2@ 2' ;8' high
E = 2@2' , 2@4' , 2@1' and 4' fire place :8' high
F = 2@4' , 2' , 2' header and footer ; Different heights.
G = 4@ 3'6" , 2@5' header ; 8' high

possible props images

Hey guys these are the props i mentioned in another blog. sorry its so late after last post but letme no if u like anything and i'll bring it in. I was helping to clear out my grandparents attic when i found them :)

1910 Czecho-Slovakian candlestick:

Small plates:

Jewelry pot:

Glass plate-bowls:

Wicker basket 1:

Wicker basket 2:

Important Notice!

Hey Guys,

We have only 2 weeks left to build this set as we need to move everything to Maidstone the flats are still not up. We need EVERY member of the group IN EVERYDAY so we can complete this build, NO Excuses unless valid reason and you MUST tell Jess, as far as I know you all have her number so there should be no problems contacting her.
Today the six of us who actually turned up didn't manage to achieve much as some of the flats had to be rebuilt several times as they did not fit. Tomorrow we will hopefully be able to fix these problems but it will be much easier and quicker work if everyone turns up and contributes there is no reason to be sitting down doing nothing. We will be starting at 10 please be there if you have a valid reason and you can't get in give Jess a text or I will be rather pissed at you and you will not like me when I get pissed!

Thankyou :)