Monday, 9 May 2011

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is gooddddd!

The sofa frame is now complete. Just got a few decorative bits to make which should take an hour tomorrow! Then it can be upholstered. I have some polyester fabric coming from my mum which will make it look really well finished. It should be here tomorrow or wednesday!.

Here are a couple of pictures of the sofa so far.

 Tell me what you think so far guys! I'm pretty proud of myself, for what I have achieved so far. I sat on it (on the edge) and it takes my weight fine, it's really strong. Tomorrow I will add some decorative ply to the outside then start upholstering it. It's taking shape guys, i'm working really fast to get it done so i can help else where and get this set built!.

Sorry.I wont be in today. 9/5/2011

Sorry guys but i wont be in today as i got called in to work last minute which has really annoyed me! keep me updated of what you do today and any photos that are taken stick them on the blog :) hope you all have a good day! see you tomorrow!