Thursday, 24 March 2011


Just thought id post this if anyone is interested. this is how you can get autocad on you own computers. link to the one you want is here

but if link doesnt open you can get to it by going to, clicking get software at the top and selecting auto cad. 32 or 64 depending on computer (I got 32-bit and works just fine). youll need to register using student email and try to leave a few hours to install and activate as it needs to be done on the same day its downloaded or you have to wait three weeks.
2011 edition works the same as the one at uca but is all different colours as a default.

thought id put this up to remind everyone about the taxidermy idea and colour schemes

Meeting 24/3/11

Hi Guys

At todays meeting we:

  • Had a look at the designs that had been brought along
  • Decided that we would use subtle bug designs in our work, e.g Bug wings carved into a chair.
  • In the living room we are going to use a washed out color skeam, with pinks and such colors that have been washed out over the years.
  • In Gregor's room we would use dark earthy colors like greens and browns
  • In the living room most the lighting will come from the wall lights with a little coming in through the window which glass will be slightly frosted and dirty on the outside.
  • Gregor's room, the light will only come in through the window (at the moment) but the window is going to be very dirty, the lighting in this room may be something we need to play with more once the flats are up.
  • the selling in Gregor's room will be slanted most probably towards the back of the room but we can think about this further for the next meeting.
  • There will be a chimney breast shoot on one of the walls in Gregor's room and we need one behind the fire place in the living room.
  • There is the idea of raising the floor so we can have things pocking out or broken beneath the floor boards or we could look at building a platform for the set.
  • John had the great idea of doing three layers for the walls in Gregor's room, 1 under coat that is all grimy and horrible with roots and lumps, 2 wall paper, 3 mold and grime. (sorry if this is not explained very well)

The other thing we talked about was going on a trip to London to visit the Titanic exhibition in the O2 arena. I think this would be a fabulous idea and we plan to go next Friday which would be the 1st of May after the presentations. The tickets are £13 but Hannah sent me to a website where the tickets are on a 2for1 offer , so that would only be £6.50 each there may be booking charges but its better than £13 I tried to get through to the ticket agents but I kept being cut off so I will try again but I think this is our best option, also Hannah talked to the people at Chatham station and they said with 12 people as a group you get 50% off. So see what you think and let me know by Monday who wants to go to the trip on Friday and we can start sorting it out.

The next meeting will be on MONDAY at 1PM , we need final designs

Meeting Attendance
Emily White
Laura Treeby
Sarah Longbottom
Adam Boxall
Stuart Lennon
Ben Kemsley
Eleanor Lewry
John Arch
Karen Black
Emma Cross
Hannah Dersley
Jessica FitzGerald