Monday, 28 March 2011

I know Eleanor has already draw one on Autocad but I did this before I found out, The scale is 1.5cm - 1ft all the fixtures and items in the room have dimensions for them as well as each room.

Living room: w = 10ft l =12ft
Bedroom: WD = 10ft WB=7ft l=12ft
Windows W=2.16ft (27") l=4ft (48")
Doors: W=2.416 (29")
Fire place: W=3.5ft (42") D=12"
arm Chairs: W=3.4ft D=2.9ft (35")
Dining Table: W=3.5ft(42") L=4.5ft (54")
Chairs: W=1.75ft(21") D=1.75ft(21")
Sofa: W=46ft(56") D=2.6ft(32")
Writing Desk: W=5.5ft(44") D=2.416(29")
Bed = L=6.66ft(80inch) W=3.33ft(40")

Any of these can be changed of course but it all fitted together when I drew it and everything is based on real things. hope these are ok I will bring in to Uni.

rooms on cad

I drew this up on CAD to follow the board drawing from earlier as much as i can i'll print it in the morning so we have something to use tomorrow. comment if ive missed something and ill change it.

green: furniture, yellow: doors/windows


Hey guys this was posted on MY UCA, 'Can you all please ensure that you have your PPE with you tomorrow. The studio will be a workshop from now on and if you do not have the relevent PPE you will be asked to leave. Group 1 will be with Henry tomorrow at 10am and Group 2 will be with him at 2pm. Bring with you all drawings etc for Henry to see. Pass on the word please.' Please could you all try and turn up tomorrow it would be great to see the whole group especially to those who have either not turned up to any meetings at all or not turned up to many of our meetings, we are a group which means you should turn up and contribute, you probs think I sound like a b**** right now but when people don't turn up it does rather p*** me off and probs others in the group too. PLEASE group one it would be great if everyone would show up tomorrow!!!
I have kinda missed out on a bit of stuff this week as i have had alot on so if people could update me and let me know what i need to do by what time and i will do it coz i dont want to be behind and let all you guys down! cheers :)

new layout

So this is a very basic very simple depiction of how the room will look, this has been drawn by Laura Treeby and i think it makes more sense then the last drawing because we have put into consideration other flats int the building, the fact that you need a central hallway that Greater talks to Gregor from, how the fire place works within the building and where the street is, what you cant see here is the living room windows face out on to the main street, also we used some creative licencing and made it so Gregor's room looks out on to a courtyard shared by the block instead of the street, if you think about it though you cant see out of it any way so it doesn't really matter and he can still see people walking by. We added in some doors that don't work but are needed for everything to make sense and we moved the fire place. I think this all fits really well but let me know what you think as we have to show our plan to the tutor tomorrow. this is only basic I will draw it out again properly.

meeting 28/3/11

Today we didn't discus much in the meeting but we tried to mark out on the floor what the room would look like and where the walls will be altered, where doors are and where windows will placed, then how big any of these will be. during this discussion a few things were flagged up by some of the group members and basically we hadn't thought how the flat would work within a block of flats and doors and windows were placed in such a way that it just wouldn't work as a real world situation so we discussed this and have come up with a new floor plan, it keeps everything we had already decided, not much has changed its just a few windows and doors have changed around I'll put up the ruff sketch we did then do a better one on the computer and put this up (i'm sorry John that you had already done a floor plan) please have a look and if it doesn't make sense let me know or if your not happy then we can flag it up. The things we looked at for the room changes were :
  • Where in the block of flats was it?
  • What type of block of flats was it?
  • where is the corridor that runs beside it in the book?
  • Bogey doors, where to place them?
  • how will the layout work?
we also revisited the London Trip idea to go see the titanic exhibition, the other group has also been invited to go and I have all the information if any one is interested in going. Please let me know and I will send you all the information or you can link to the event on face book.

set building lesson tomorrow 10am

Attended the meeting:
Laura Treeby
Adam Boxall
Hannah Dersley
Emma Cross
Stuart Lennon
Sarah Longbottom
Eleanor Lewry
Emily White
Jo Ray
Jessica FitzGerald

Gregors Window

Here is a couple of sketches of what i think Gregors Window should look like, I found this art nouveau pattern in one of my books, and it looks decidedly buglike so I thought it would be cool. I dont know whether this is gonna be too complex though? And also, im having a few issues with autocad, if we are making it up to scale then what kind of measurements should I use? Just make them up lol? ahh.

Also I think I'm meant to be doing the curtains too? I havent reserched the fabrics and stuff just yet, but ive thought about some tie backs...

A couple of more Art Nouveau/bug-like designs for some curtain tie backs. i like the biggest one in the middle, it reminds me of like a larva and it looks a bit shelly and evolution-y.


So sorry I forgot to put up that we are meeting in the bar down stares today at 1 I just put the time, so if you weren't at the last meeting that is where we shall be. see you at 1