Tuesday, 15 March 2011

just a quick summise if its helpful

Quick Notes:

Tutorial 1:
  • Where in the world is it set? Eastern europe?
  • What year is it set in?
  • What age do we think Gregor is?
  • Colour palet? Dark colours?
  • Lower/middle class family.
  • What insect is he?
Group Brainstorm:
  • Hallway and Bedroom
  • 4 poster bed
  • chest of draws
  • single window
  • at least two doors are mentioned in the story
  • dark bedroom
  • ripped curtains on the window
  • slime and brown fluid around
  • shadows/ low light
  • dung beatle?
  • victorian designs?
  • 1910-1920?
and I've read through Metamorphosis andhighlighted references to the area the family lives in which i've managed to sumarise as there are only a few.

Where they live:
  • In an appartment
  • On an urban street call Charlotte Street
  • It's a city
  • it rains in the spring time
  • Theres a hospital of some sort accross the street
  • There is a place called The Conservatory somewhere in the city which sounds like it could be a school of some sort the way it's mentioned
  • its a rather grey area
  • there is a tower clock in the vascinity
  • there are trains and electric trams available
it probably cant be a room and a hallway cos in the story it mentions the bedroom going into the living room a lot. sounds like they're right next to one another?


Please everyone make sure you have read the story or know what it is about so we are all on the same level :D


for general notice we're meeting at 2 tomorrow in the SU bar downstairs with rough sketches and any research or ideas u might have :)

hope the blog is okay

'The Metamorphosis' by Franz Kafka