Sunday, 8 May 2011

Photo frames

I am very happy with the completed frame with the photo in! I bought a black frame and spray painted it gold. I also found the image of the women on the was very difficult trying to find the right image but i think the one i found fits perfectly! the picture of gregor in the army is an old picture of my grandad in the army and it fits in very well with the frame. I will sand the frame and maybe staining the wood so it fits in with the wood on my coffee table. Im very happy with the outcomes :) i shall be bringing in all items that i have made, and purchased in to uni tomorrow.

Hey, heres the plates ect i found on ebay, not sure what exactully we need? they are Czechoslovakian but the only thing is I dont know what date they are from, I did email the people seling them but they are unsure of the date.