Thursday, 17 March 2011

I was thinking...

I was thinking about the layout and furniture in the bedroom. I think we should just leave the three pieces of furniture in the room, one being the writing desk; I know in the story it is removed from his room but Gregor is attached and obsessed with his writing desk and we don't want to completely empty the room, the other two items would be the couch and the bed; there is no indication in the story about the bed being moved and this will also tell people it is a bedroom and the couch is used for Gregor to hide under.
What do you guys think???

Idea based on todays discussions

I designed another ideas for the conjoining of the 2 rooms and sketched down a few ideas.
The living room will look like a normal everyday room. The door to gregors room will be in the middle, and when you walk in to it the perspective of the room will make it look extremely small and claustrophobic, giving it a weird eerie feel, with the presence of gregor the beetle living in it. The room will be one behind the other so you wont see gregors room until you walk through the door in the living room. i think this will give a better effect and will relate to the idea of expressionism.

Metamorphosis stage play

This is the website that i got the images from of the stage play of The Metamorphosis. some of the photos will be extremely useful and there are videos on the site too.

Room Designers

If you werent with us after the presentation thing we drew lots to determine who got what room to design primarily. if u have ideas for the other halfs room shove them on here, its just so we dont end up with sixteen concepts for both rooms.

Living Room:
  • Emily
  • Hannah
  • Sarah W
  • Karen
  • Eleanor
  • Aikaterina
  • Jess W
  • Laura
Gregor's Bedroom:
  • Emma
  • Jess F
  • Ben
  • John
  • Adam
  • Stuart
  • Jo
  • Sarah L
Again if you weren't here we're bringing in some designs and research for these rooms on monday.

P.S - hope blog looks alright for everyone now
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After alls these meetings and discussions we have had as a group I am now confused to what we are actually doing what am I supposed to be drawing and researching??? Because everything keeps changing!