Monday, 25 April 2011


I bought this coffee table today at a boot sale for £4! bargain! i also bought a crystal bowl for 50p that i could put on top of the table. It ties in with the art deco style of the table and im really glad i found it! i am also on the look out for picture frames. For the image of the women with a feather boa i thought i could just search for an image on the internet and put it in the frame. For the picture of gregor in the army i have a black and white photo of my grandad in the army that i will use for it. Hope everyone is having a good easter :)

Friday, 22 April 2011

possible props

hey guys. ive been helping to clear out my grandparents atic today and i found quite a few items that could work for the set. im saving wot i think might be good (even found a 1910 czechoslovakian candle stick lol) il put pictures up later on and if you think anything is good il save it if not itl be given away with other stuff :) hope yor all having a good holiday

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Just a note to say that this will be the very base of the walls in the bedroom.

Monday, 18 April 2011


saw this and thought it would look good on the table, perhaps filled with 'wine' or 'whiskey'

Friday, 15 April 2011

Hi Everyone,

Every Wednesday and Friday im at Animate and Create helping with the Canterbury Anifest so i don't come into uni. Other Personal things has disrupted my study so i haven't attended the last few weeks aswell as having to go home. I have got alot to show though as im passionate about set build/design and do work from home when every possible, also i want to make a massive effort and make up for my absence. i hope you all have a good easter and ill see you all when were back.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Note 2

Sorry this is very late, but I have txt you all to remind you that tomorrow (thursday) we are in at 11am, please let me know if you are unable to come in so that I can put you down as the reason why you aren't there, thanks.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Photos from making the flats

These are the photos i took on monday of production of the flats.Everyone can take what they need for their own blogs etc.hope they are okay :)

Quick note

So we've done really well and almost all the flats are finished, just need to finish headers, put on one more skin and finish routing, I think this is great, so now we need to make the furniture. I am aware that some of it is being bought but most of it needs making so tomorrow and thursday we will be doing that, the plan is to meet tomorrow at 11:30 and start building things like table and chairs and such things, if you cant make it tomorrow please let me know, you all have my number or you can blog me. we have started the writing desk and the bed. We should have more skins thursday. tomorrow we could have the coffee table, the writing desk and bed finished, hopefully. see you soon.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

wil be a little late

hey. just thought i'd let you know. I will be in tomoro. But I'm trying to save money where I can at the moment cause I'm a little low, so I'll be in at 11 instead of ten just cos its loads cheeper then. but I'll make up for the hour when I get there. soz, c u guys tomorow.


Im really sorry i havent really been in this week, i have been having to deal with alot of issues at home.i hate not been involved and seeing the process. Im beginning to look for the items i need to make in charity shops etc and i have completed my autocad aswell updating my blog with necessary info.It is just the film reviews that i need to complete but that can be done towards the end.Im sorry for leaving you guys but its just been stressful this week but i will see you all at 10 on monday and im willing to stay until whenever to finish whatever is necessary, is there anything you wish me to do in the mean time?

Friday, 8 April 2011

Building day 3

So today was day three of building, we have now made all the frames for the flats in the livingroom and just need the bedroom ones to be finished and to put on the skins for all the frames. there was only one small problem and that is that we actualy have to many 4x8 but its fine these can be taken apart and the wood used for something else no biggie.
Unfortunately only 7 people turned up today for the build, and there were only 6 of us working at one time, even though you were all messaged about it, I realize that some people have jobs and other important reasons why they were unable to come and thats fine but there were a few that didn't even bother to let us know they weren't coming. The problem with so many people not showing up is it slows the whole process down, realistically we should of had the flats completed for the living room with skins and all. I'm sorry if this message makes you angry and I sound like I'm having a go but the fact is this is slowing us down its really important you show up for group work. I also want to inform you that Ive been advised by the tutors to start a register for the meetings and for the building, this will then be handed in with everything so they can see who's been attending in non lesson time. This isn't just a rant about not helping but not showing up too often will effect you as well you guys do such great work.
On Monday we start at 10am so I hope to see you there, I'm sorry again that I sound like I'm moaning. I try not to honest.

Attended by
Sarah Longbottom
Jessica fitzgerald

an apology

Im sorry i havent been with it this week but I have been trying to sort out storage for all my stuff at halls. On top of that havent been well and had to sort that out too. I know its no excuse but i will be back on track monday to help out with the set construction. I can assure you its not through laziness as i need to know how to build it as much as you do but this hasnt been a great week for me and its unfortunately spilt over into my uni life.
On a more positive note my autocad is finished- i have only done one of the chairs as i struggled with it. I intend to make one from scratch (it wont be sit-on-able) and hopefully buy one and alter it. I will start making after easter as my nan has one of the chairs and im going to have a good look at it at easter so i know how to get it looking the best i can. I am looking for a rocking chair- anyone know where i can look for one? Cheap junk shops? I might go today and see if i can find anything if i have time.

If anyone wants to look at my blog i went to the V&A and took some pictures of art nouveau furniture there- it might be useful. There was a nice fire screen and a really nice chair. Also a plate and vases which could be made by us to look similar?

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I found these images on the internet of a set design project where there theme was the metamorphosis.i thought it could give us some inspiration to see the sort of thing other people have had to do.

I really like the photography in this one, the yellowish light that shines through the window gives it a really eerie effect which is just what we are trying to create with our set

Final Autocad (really terrible as i cant use it very well)


Following on to Jess's message an excuse not come in and help the group is not because you want to spend time in the sun or you have a party to go to, it's unfair on the few people who are working hard and gaining marks for the rest of you and I'm getting really pissed of with people not doing anyhting for the group I don't care if I sound like a bitch but I'm not the only one who is thinking this! We need everyone in and contributing to the build we have five weeks left to build this set the flats are not finished yet and it would be nice to finish them tomorrow so we can move onto the next stage.


So today after the lecture and lunch, a group of us went down stares and did some more flats, I believe thats four more with skins on and at least 3 or 4 just frames. We then decided that we all need to be in tomorrow, thats friday, at 11am to start work on the rest. its really important you come in because the sooner these are finished the sooner we can get onto the more interesting bits like making furniture and painting and stuff :D, so please come it cant stress the importance of this. thanks to everyone who finished their autocad thats one less thing to worry about :D. see you tomorrow.

Attended by
Adam Boxall
Sarah Longbottom
Eleanor Lewry
Hannah Dersley
Emma Cross
Ben Kemsley
Jessica FitzGerald

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Starting the flats

These are some photos I took of us starting to make the flats for the set.

Bed - Autocad


I made the bed 5 1/2 ft because I fought it would give us a bit more space in the bedroom and because beds where shorter back in those days anyway, but i was just thinking if we have a bye a mattress for it then there all gonna b about 6 ft so it wouldn't fit in the bed frame? so i guess I should make the bed back to at-lest 6ft unless anyone has another ideas of something I could use instead of a mattress, foam?

Autocad - Final design

Hey guys here is an autocad drawing of my final design for the writing desk; front, top and side, and I have only just realised that I haven't drawn the handles on the draws but oh well it gives you the basic shape and is to scale, well should be.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The rooms - Measurements

These are the measurements for the flats for each wall, Also a small diagram to show which letter goes with which wall, just a diagram not measured or anything.
A = 2@4'
B = 1'6" , 2'6"(H), 2@4
F = 2' (H), 2'(F), 2@4', 2'
C = 2', 2'6"(H), 2@4', 3'6"
D = 2@3' , 2', 2@2' (H) ,2@2' (F)
E = 2@2' , 2@4' , 2@1' , Fireplace wall
G = 4@3'6", 2@5'(H)

H= header, F= footer

amount of each
4' = 10
3'6" = 5
3' = 2
2'= 5
1'6" = 1
1 = 2

5' = 2
2'6 = 1
2' = 3

2' = 3

If you want to check I tallied it right please do, just to make sure.
Hope this is all useful, remember we have a meeting after the lecture thursday just to look at everyones autocad, should only take a few mins, then in the afternoon I believe the plan is to carry on building. See you all thursday.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Chiaroscuro is a method in creating a 3d from a 2D using lighting. The highlight will mark the point where light is being reflected most directly. As we look away from the highlight the light hits the object less directly so the colour is darker. The shadows closer tot he object will be darker and get lighter as it gets further away from the object. You can control and manipulate the light to create different moods. A high key drawing will have mostly light values with no more than 60% dark and a low key drawing will have mostly dark values. In both high and low key pieces this system of chiaroscuro can be used to create the illusion of 3D space.

I think this will give us some ideas on the lighting for the rooms. Both these rooms are very dark and only have light coming in trough the windows. It gives these empty rooms a kind of spooky feel to it like something is not quite right.

Wood worm

Here are some pictures I found of wood which has been effected by wood worm. Seeing as the furniture in Gregors room isnt beening looked after and over time is starting to maybe rot ect .. I tought we could make some of the wood look like it has been effected by wood worm plus this would slightly hint that there is something bug like living in the room


Heres the final bed design, no longer four poster bed since our discussion with simon, just put really short posts on it, hopefully it doesn't look to expensive considering they didn't have much money, but I will distress it, maybe have one of the legs missing ect ..