Monday, 21 March 2011

Living room

And this is the basic design for the bedroom, the one bellow shows the shape the room will
actually be the one above shows how we will fit everything into the room.

Living room

This is the sketch for the living room, its obviously very basic at the moment but we can
make it more detailed once we have the final designs for everything finished.

Meeting 21/03/11

So we had a meeting today and made some decisions on the rooms:
The Country = Czech Republic (or as it was Czechoslovakia) and the city is Prague

In the living room we are having:
Arm Chairs
Dinner Table (with chairs)
Fire Place
The windows Karen designed
Carpet, but around the fire place tilling
Picture of Gregor in the Army

In Gregor's room we are having:
Flowered wallpaper (maybe we could design some ourselves)
Carpet (ripped in sections to show old wooden floor boards)
Dust/Hair Balls
Junk Piles
writing desk
Portrait (of the Lady)
Plain Chair (by the window)
Tattered curtains

The dimensions for the living room are 10ft wide 12ft long
for the bedroom 10ft at the doors side, 7ft at the bed end and 12ft long

We also made sketches of how the room is laid out which I will put up in a minute.

Tomorrow (22/3/11) after the tutorial in the morning we are having a meeting to decide
who is designing what on auto cad, So please come in for it because it would be great
to see who is confident with what.

See you guys tomorrow.

Meeting attended by
John Arch
Karen Black
Sarah Longbottom
Eleanor Lewry
Hannah Dersley
Jo Ray
Sarah Wackett
Jessica FitzGerald

Hey guys,

Now we have finalized our ideas for both rooms I think we should start to think about the colours and materials were are going to use in the rooms and for the furniture but I think some research bout the Czech Republic in the early 1900's will need doing first.


can everyone make sure to put a title on your posts please, its hard to tell them apart from each other without them. thank you :)
Hey guys tried uploading my designs yesterday and today but i'm having technical problems here at home. So I'll just outline my ideas for the living room.

A fireplace and chimney breast
Warm terracotta walls but starting to age
A grimy widow
Door to Gregors room is surrounded by rot, so room darkens around the door
A couch (chaise-lounge type thing)
Two armchairs (all centred around fireplace)
Wide skirting board
Another door, maybe two

I have some photos on my other computer that I'll try uploading here later :)