Monday, 4 April 2011


Chiaroscuro is a method in creating a 3d from a 2D using lighting. The highlight will mark the point where light is being reflected most directly. As we look away from the highlight the light hits the object less directly so the colour is darker. The shadows closer tot he object will be darker and get lighter as it gets further away from the object. You can control and manipulate the light to create different moods. A high key drawing will have mostly light values with no more than 60% dark and a low key drawing will have mostly dark values. In both high and low key pieces this system of chiaroscuro can be used to create the illusion of 3D space.

I think this will give us some ideas on the lighting for the rooms. Both these rooms are very dark and only have light coming in trough the windows. It gives these empty rooms a kind of spooky feel to it like something is not quite right.

Wood worm

Here are some pictures I found of wood which has been effected by wood worm. Seeing as the furniture in Gregors room isnt beening looked after and over time is starting to maybe rot ect .. I tought we could make some of the wood look like it has been effected by wood worm plus this would slightly hint that there is something bug like living in the room


Heres the final bed design, no longer four poster bed since our discussion with simon, just put really short posts on it, hopefully it doesn't look to expensive considering they didn't have much money, but I will distress it, maybe have one of the legs missing ect ..
Sorry i wasnt in today guys, i have been mega ill and been in bed most of the day.if i missed anything important please post it on here. I will be in tomorrow, what time are we all in?

Screen Shots of Film Clip

Meeting 4/4/3011

So todays meeting was very small, which was kind of annoying but we have made a few decisions because tomorrow we are actually physically building the room, so basically we decided to keep the rooms designed as they are now, so no more Discussion about what we could do, this is whats happening, of course if we encounter there is a problem along the way and something really doesn't work then that can be changed. We also had a look at how the set looks bigger (I took some photos and will put them up as soon as possible) it works so well with the extra few feet, so when building tomorrow we shouldn't have an issue. we have also made some lists of props that we are going to use and I will put these up bellow. The last thing was that we have made the decision that EVERYONE needs to have done auto cad by Thursday, then we will have a meeting after the time machine lecture, just quick but we will all be on the same page, then no one has this hanging over them. Also if you can have your sketch done by tomorrow that would be great, just to make it clear the sketch is to see how the lighting should effect the room, e.g grime on the windows, gas lights ect.

So down to the props

Living room
  • Clock and Mirror
  • Coat hook/ coat stand
  • Fire set (eg poker shovel) = I have these shall bring in a picture
  • Cutlery and plates
  • Old books Stacked
  • Folded Newspaper = Adam will design this (thanks)
  • Photos = Sarah W designing frames (We can get old photographs off ebay if needed)
  • Doileese (for table)
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Red Apples
  • Candles and holders
  • Fire Guard = I have one of these as well if needed
  • Umbrella stand (could go with coat stand)
  • Bucket of Coal
  • Jug for water?
  • Logs
  • Flowers

  • Bed Sheets
  • Dust Balls
  • papers
  • Pillows
  • Tools
  • Pens
  • Train Time table
  • Alarm Clock
  • Picture of Lady
  • Torn Newspaper
  • Tray of Pristine food
  • Tray
  • Matted Hair
  • Moth eaten suit on back of door
  • old Broken watch
This is a shopping list basically and we need to start sourcing stuff so have a look around when your out and about.

So remember, auto cad, sketch of the rooms, meeting Thursday, Most probably a meeting tomorrow lunch or if we finish earlier.

Tomorrow take in appropriate PPE you forgot before.

Pet Sematary Clip (1989)