Sunday, 10 April 2011

wil be a little late

hey. just thought i'd let you know. I will be in tomoro. But I'm trying to save money where I can at the moment cause I'm a little low, so I'll be in at 11 instead of ten just cos its loads cheeper then. but I'll make up for the hour when I get there. soz, c u guys tomorow.


Im really sorry i havent really been in this week, i have been having to deal with alot of issues at home.i hate not been involved and seeing the process. Im beginning to look for the items i need to make in charity shops etc and i have completed my autocad aswell updating my blog with necessary info.It is just the film reviews that i need to complete but that can be done towards the end.Im sorry for leaving you guys but its just been stressful this week but i will see you all at 10 on monday and im willing to stay until whenever to finish whatever is necessary, is there anything you wish me to do in the mean time?