Thursday, 31 March 2011

Fireplace Design

Hey guys this is my fireplace design, the motif on the tiles will be different, I'm going to look into some symbolism for this. The mantle piece will also be smaller and the whole thing shall be cast iron. If you want to see any other of my designs they're on my blog but I thought I'd put this one up for when we draw the concept art for the rooms. See-ya monday folks!

Hey guys...

Hey guys after the tutoral with Andy and Simon I thought about what we could do with the rooms, I know I missed the meeting and therefore I don't know what you have disscussed and what you have settled on but these are a few things I though t about doing. I think that we should think about extending the living room to the new 16ft limit in length and extend the 10ft width of the room to 14ft this will give us more space to work with and will also extend the door end of Gregor's bedroom to 14ft which will give a bit more room for movement of furniture etc. I also think we should scrap the beetle theme in the furniture and just leave hints or signs in the bedroom to indicate that there is some huge, horrible creature living their without giving away what it is exactly, we could do this by leaving scratch marks in the furniture and markings on the floor and walls to indicate that something nasty is in there, creating fear in the atmosphere with out actually seeing the hideous creature. I think that the Art Nouveau style works as this began way back in the 1890's a few years before early 1900's which is when this story is set but I think we should maybe mix it with Victorian style or something before Art Nouveau to mix up the furniture a bit. The fireplace, windows and doors should be somewhat older than the furniture as they would have most probably been there before the family moved in as these are features they would not have been able to afford to replace. What do you guys think and could someone please post up what you disscussed in the meeting I would like to be able to catch up with those details. Thankyou :D