Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Starting the flats

These are some photos I took of us starting to make the flats for the set.

Bed - Autocad


I made the bed 5 1/2 ft because I fought it would give us a bit more space in the bedroom and because beds where shorter back in those days anyway, but i was just thinking if we have a bye a mattress for it then there all gonna b about 6 ft so it wouldn't fit in the bed frame? so i guess I should make the bed back to at-lest 6ft unless anyone has another ideas of something I could use instead of a mattress, foam?

Autocad - Final design

Hey guys here is an autocad drawing of my final design for the writing desk; front, top and side, and I have only just realised that I haven't drawn the handles on the draws but oh well it gives you the basic shape and is to scale, well should be.