Wednesday, 23 March 2011

pictures fromArt Nouveau residential masterpieces 1892-1911 Architecture book

fought these pictures might be of interest to some of you

Table design 1

These are my early sketches of the table. i think its should be distressed and lightly dusty with marks where plates and cups etc. may have been. and also slighly crooked to show its age.

Just been doing some googling and found these images. I like this one of the restaurant as it shows the sort of contrast we're looking at for the living room/ Gregor's bedroom, how its neat and normal but something creepy coming through.,r:2,s:210&tx=120&ty=69

I also found this image and like how the sofa is quite bug-like, and thought it would be good if we had these essence of 'bug-ness' in the furniture.,r:9,s:27&tx=20&ty=28
mrs samsas chair
The first one is of a Victorian nursing chair. I got the idea once reading the text that perhaps the chair belonged to her mother and was passed down in the family. The mother then used it to nurse her two children. The upholstery is embroidered and could have been sewn by the mother herself. To have an embroidered cushion in both chairs would be a nice touch.
“How long you have been sewing again today!” - Mr Samsa

mr samsas chair.
The fathers chair I thought would be a rocking chair as he sleeps in it sometimes. It is comfortable but the rigid look to it makes it feel hard and that any sleep would be disturb as in the the his wife and daughter persuade him to his bed where its more comfortable.

Designs 2 and 3

These are two more designs influenced by nature which I drew this morning.