Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Photos from making the flats

These are the photos i took on monday of production of the flats.Everyone can take what they need for their own blogs etc.hope they are okay :)

Quick note

So we've done really well and almost all the flats are finished, just need to finish headers, put on one more skin and finish routing, I think this is great, so now we need to make the furniture. I am aware that some of it is being bought but most of it needs making so tomorrow and thursday we will be doing that, the plan is to meet tomorrow at 11:30 and start building things like table and chairs and such things, if you cant make it tomorrow please let me know, you all have my number or you can blog me. we have started the writing desk and the bed. We should have more skins thursday. tomorrow we could have the coffee table, the writing desk and bed finished, hopefully. see you soon.